Writing Workshop: How to Write Clearly

We’re not a training company, but we’ve taught clear writing and proper grammar to many editors over the years. So when one of our clients asked us to put together a writing workshop, we were happy to oblige.

We created two workshops designed to ensure your entire team is on the same page when it comes to written communication. We teach them how to put together communications that are error free, contain correct grammar and punctuation, make their point clearly, and use a professional tone that is not overly formal.

The training package we created is available for purchase, either on its own or with one of us teaching it in your facility. A degree of customization is possible, depending on your needs. Each workshop takes about two hours to present.

Since most people’s hearts don’t speed up over discussions of punctuation and capitalization, we’ve made an effort to make the sessions interesting and fun. In fact, we had our tongues firmly in our cheeks as we created the PowerPoint presentation, the hand-outs, and the exercise worksheets.

Let’s face it, grammar is not the most exciting topic and did not capture everyone’s full attention in grade school. But now that you’re communicating on important business topics, you know you need to write properly—and you’re embarrassed to admit you’re not sure where the comma goes or when to use a semicolon. So our training starts there, with punctuation, capitalization, and those tricky grammar items. Then we move into passive voice and business speak, giving plenty of examples of how wordiness can muddy the email waters and how to correct it.

With that foundation laid, we cover how to best organize information, including writing strong subject lines, not burying the lede, and writing a strong conclusion. Finally, we tackle email etiquette topics like considering your audience, striking the right tone, highlighting consequences, and managing frequency.

We were thrilled when the client we created this for let us know we hit the mark. The attendees told us they enjoyed the workshops and felt they were worthwhile. Cecilia Roach, who gave us the assignment, was extremely pleased by the outcome. Roach, who is vice president of brand services at Red House in Atlanta, said she saw an improvement in writing quality after our sessions, and she particularly liked the exercises we created. “Writing has to be one of the toughest challenges in business today. Landscape Creative helped our teams streamline our writing with practical tips we could use immediately,” she said. 

Please email Jill Rose for workshop outlines and pricing information.