Here’s a list of the services we regularly provide to clients.

  • Case studies. Interview project participants and write a magazine-style article detailing the goals, procedures, and outcomes.
  • Editing. Polish and streamline any type of internal or external communication to ensure the communication is clear, eloquent, and error free.
  • Press releases. Write releases designed to capture editors’ attention and potentially be used verbatim.
  • Website copy. Create or revamp copy to promote your company and increase sales.
  • Blogs. Ghostwrite executive blogs, ensuring your thought leadership is accurately and articulately expressed.
  • Marketing materials. Write product brochures, sell sheets, and promotional emails that are concise, accurate, and compelling.
  • White papers. Create engaging, readable academic-style pieces.
  • Technical writing. Create error-free user manuals and other technical materials.
  • Presentations and speeches. Design and write persuasive conference presentations and handouts.
  • Publication consultation. Work with your editorial and design teams to identify areas for improvement in any print or online publication, recommending actions relating to editorial, design, navigation, communication, and organization.

A word about industries.

The truth is, an experienced, professional writer can write successfully on any topic. Still, there’s something to be said for understanding the language and nuances of a particular industry. At Landscape Creative, we have worked for clients in healthcare, energy, education, HR, manufacturing, enterprise software, IT management, and specialty retailing.